Our Story

Our story is rooted in the simple yet profound joy that flowers bring into our lives. As a local boutique nestled in the southwest of Calgary, we've dedicated ourselves to the art and soul of floristry, drawing inspiration from the rich traditions and innovative designs of South Korea. Our passion lies in crafting floral arrangements that are not just visually stunning, but also imbued with meaning and emotion, reflecting the unique beauty and spirit of our customers.

Our founder, a visionary florist with a deep-seated love for creativity and cultural fusion, has always believed in the power of flowers to transcend language and culture, bringing a piece of South Korean warmth and elegance to Calgary. Here at Nabi Flowers, we're more than just a flower shop; we’re a collective dedicated to nurturing the connections we forge and the stories we help tell through each petal and leaf we arrange. Come share in our journey, and let us help you express your story through the timeless language of flowers.

What Does Nabi Mean?

Nabi is the English romanization of the Korean word for butterfly — 나비

The symbolism of butterflies may vary among diverse cultures and traditions, yet the prevailing themes often center on transformation, beauty, liberation, and spiritual significance.

In South Korea, the butterfly symbolizes prosperity and contentment.

Hanok Design

Originating during the Joseon dynasty in the 14th century, Hanok stands as a testament to the enduring beauty and craftsmanship of traditional Korean architecture.

The interior of Nabi Flower has been designed to gracefully embody the elegance and tradition of Hanok.